Super-duper missile: A new era of hypersonic weapons

U.S. President Donald Trump stated on Friday that he had given the inexperienced gentle to construct a brand new hypersonic missile, “super-duper missile” that “can journey 17 instances quicker than what we have now proper now.” And will probably be quicker than any produced by Russia or China, in a different indication {that a} new race of arms is constant.

While Unveiling the flag for his new space force on the white home on Friday, Trump stated the U.S. is now constructing unbelievable military equipment and a “super-duper missile” to outrun military rivals Russia and China.

“We have, I call it ‘super-duper missile’, and I heard it 17 times faster than any other missiles, which they have right now,” We have no choice, we have to do it with the adversaries we have there. The President said, sitting at the Resolute Desk.

“That’s right,” said the defense secretary, Mark Esper, standing to Trump’s right.super-duper missile

Hypersonic Missile Race:

Referring to those reports that Russia has a missile that is five times faster than any other and China is doing a similar thing, he said: “We have one 17 times, and it’s just gotten the go-ahead.”

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has announced a hypersonic nuclear missile, meaning one that flies at five times the speed of sound (767mph) or faster.

China is also developing hypersonic missiles. Although they do not expect to be faster than the Russians,  they are still expected to outpace those currently in the U.S. arsenal.

Another news from Russia is that: According to Russian state media, Putin has said his Avangard missiles could “travel at up to 20 times the speed of sound, like a ‘meteorite’ or a ‘fireball’.”

Later on Friday, Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Rath Hoffman, tweeted that “the Defense Department is working on developing a series of hypersonic missiles to counter our adversities.

Putin told military chiefs in December, “Not a single country has a stock of hypersonic weapons, let alone continental-range hypersonic weapons.”

Trump’s ‘super-duper missile’ is super duper necessary.

The U.S. tested its super-duper missile last year, but on Friday, Trump, whose public rhetoric and withdrawal from key treaties have fueled fears of a new nuclear arms race, seemed critical to the latest technology. A report released this week accelerated U.S. spending on nuclear weapons.

Last December, Trump signed a measure to create the Space Army, stating that the U.S. needed to expand its military presence. The Air Force first oversaw offensive and defensive operations in space.

Trump’s desire to create a new super-duper missile and a cosmic branch of the U.S. military has attracted widespread criticism and satire. 


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