Coronavirus Vaccine: ChAdOx1, The vaccine of COVID-19

Testing for The vaccine of Coronavirus “ChAdOx1″ nCoV-19 will be done through a collaboration between the clinical teams of the Oxford Vaccine Group and the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford. Scientists of Oxford University say that they should have at least One Million coronavirus vaccine supplement by September this year.

ChAdOx1: The Coronavirus Vaccine

Scientists of Oxford University have claimed they will be able to come up with a super-fast vaccine against the novel coronavirus pandemic and say it will be available by September this year. The estimated completion date for Oxford University’s drug candidate ChAdOx1 is May 2021, as per the filings.

Oxford’s ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 clinical trials

Clinical trials of 510 participants are scheduled to begin in April 2020.” Phase, I / II study determines the efficiency, potency, protection, and immunity of candidates for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. The estimated study completion date for Oxford University drug candidate ChAdOx1 is May 2021.

The UK government, which is financing the project, said there were “no guarantees” and it was not possible to put a date on a vaccine.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the UK government would “throw everything at it” on “finding a vaccine against the deadly virus” with the UK government raising £ 20 million to support the “ChAdOx1 nCoV-19” coronavirus vaccine testing program Has promised.

In the virtual press conference on Friday, the lead researcher of the vaccine development program, Prof. Sarah Gilbert, at a press conference said that she and her team were confident that the ChAdOx1 vaccine could work against the coronavirus.

The Oxford Vaccine Group has promised a million doses of the vaccine will be available by September.

The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine (image courtesy of Sean Elias, the Jenner Institute, the University of Oxford)

Along with The ChAdOx1, three more vaccines have been proposed, two vaccines by US groups, and one Chinese group; it is expected to take at least 12 to 18 months to mass-produce these vaccines. The fourth COVID-19 vaccine is  ChAdOx1 globally, which has entered the clinical trial phase of vaccine development. 

Prof Gilbert said his team was working on a disease X, a name given to “an unknown disease that was going to cause an epidemic in the future, and we needed to plan for it.”

“With the ChAdOx1 technique, 12 clinical trials have already been conducted against various diseases; we consistently see perfect vaccine protection and robust immune response with the same dose, while some other vaccine techniques such as RNA And DNA requires two or more.”



  • Manufacturing partners include one in India.
  • Oxford group promises 1 million doses by September.
  • The first patients are expected to participate in the trials next week.
  • The team has been awarded a grant of £ 2 · 2 million to participate in historical research.

The Oxford group team is very confident about the trial stage:

The Oxford team is so confident about its coronavirus vaccine that it has already started manufacturing it before clinical trials.

Researchers believe their technology is more secure than other candidate vaccines, saving a lot of time during clinical trials and the authorization process.

Prof. of Oxford. Adrian Hill said the team was confident about the tests. They said they did not want to reach a stage in September when the trial was over but did not have the vaccine.

“We have started manufacturing this vaccine not on a small scale, but with a network of seven manufacturers from different locations around the world,” he said.

“We have three manufacturing partners in the UK, two in Europe, one in China and one in India,”

“Proc. Gilbert said. “… I’ve worked on this technique a lot, and I’ve worked on the MERS Vaccine Trails, and I’ve seen what it can do, and I think it’s a solid chance to work,

Gilbert’s team was awarded a £ 2 · 2 million grant from the UK’s National Institute for Health Research and UK Research and Innovation to start this work.

The team says it is working with various groups and philanthropists to ensure that the Coronavirus Vaccine is available in places where it is least needed, including less-privileged countries.

When will we know the result of this coronavirus vaccine?


Researchers hope to know if their coronavirus vaccine is significant within the next few months.

However, the success of lockdown may prove to be a bottleneck, as if the number of coronavirus cases declines, it will take longer to know whether the vaccine is effective.

For phase I in April, 1,102 participants were recruited in multiple study sites in the UK. On May 22, Oxford announced that 1,000 immunizations “have been completed and follow-up is currently ongoing.”


In May, Professor Adrian Hill, the director of the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford, told a webinar of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology that the “best scenario” would see results from “clinical trials in August or September and deliveries from October.”

It remains the view of scientists advising the UK government and the World Health Organization that 12-18 months is a more realistic timescale for a vaccine.




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